Decanter centrifuge LW450

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Structures and properties:

This machine is horizontal spiral discharging settling centrifuge, the main machine has a column-cone bowl, spiral stoker, differential system, bearing seat, base, cover, main motor,vice motor, and electric control chamber. With the high speed rotating of bowl, form strong centrifugal force, making the sludge dehydrate continuously in 24 hours a day.

The main motor through the triangle belt make the bowl rotating, through the planetary gear differential, make the vice motor and spiral differential speed different,  realize sludge dewatering and pushing material function, That means differential rotating speed control and torque control. because containing solid rate of sludge may have wave motion, by differential speed control system is the guarantee for speed stability, achieve solid content in sludge is constant, the constant torque control make decanter load in a stable state, the separation effect and flocculation is the best state, so as to ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge.

This machine has good seal performance (guarantee without material leak in the process of operation), sludge dewatering work in full seal state, makes the environment clean.

This machine adopts the most advanced international special structural design, especially the spiral stoker, make the sludge concentration dehydration integration characteristics. It has better performance than ordinary centrifuge, more high capacity, better separation effect, save energy and manual work.

Separating function parameter

Model WL-450*1800
Feeding water ratio 99.5~95%
Capacity 10-35m³/h ( according to different material)
Filter cake solid ratio ≥20%(According to different material)
Clear liquid solid ratio ≤0.2%-0.5%
Solid recovery ≥95%-99%
Solid water ratio Block, can be piled up
Running mode 24 hours

 Technical parameter:

Machine length 3100mm
Machine width 1550mm
Machine height 930mm
Machine weight 3200kg
Bowl inside diameter 450mm
Bowl lenghth 1800 mm
Rotating speed 4000r/min (Frequency inverter control)
Max separating factor 4032
Difference rotating speed 5~30 stepless adjustable
Differential rotating speed adjusting precision ±0.1~0.5rpm
Spiral stoker Use BD plate structure
Working noise ≤85Db(A)
Vibration ≤7mm/s
Differential use planetary gear structure
Differential support weight 6000 N·m
Control mode Two motor, two frequency inverter
Main bearing lifetime: 100000 hours
Main machine lifetime 15 years
Safe protection: torque control, bearing temperature, vibration Safety, differential speed control, safe cover.