Fruit and Vegetable Juice Screw Press Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Screw Press Machine

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This machine can treat fiber or sticky material for solid-liquid separation. Such as the fermentated grape skin residue, ginger, spinach, rubber, Chinese herbal medicine, winter jujube, fruit and vegetable with certain fiber content, and waster dewatering the squeezer can also work continuously to the sea-buckhorn fruit with small branches, the mesh is specially made according to the size of the sea-buckthorn fruit.


Working principle and structure

The material stay in the feeding box, the conveying screw will push the material into squeezing screw, by narrowing the screw pitch and enlarging the axle diameter of the squeezing screw, and under the resistance force of screen wall and conical body, the liquid (juice) will be squeezed out, outflow from the mesh, concentrated in the juice bucket.

The pressed fruit residue is discharged between the end of the cylindrical screen and conical body, the spring loaded at the back of the conical body, by adjusting the spring pre-tightening force and position, can change the size of the resistance and slag notch, used to adjust the squeezing degree of dry and wet.

This machine feeding box ,sieve cylinder and screw adopt high-quality acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel materials.


Technical parameters: