Filter centrifuge

  • PD Series lifting bag basket centrifuge machine

    Applies to both solid phase for the granular filtering, it can be used for dewatering fibrous material, particularly high viscosity, fine particle size, toxic and hazardous, flammable materials in the filter.

  • PGZ Series bottom discharge scraper centrifuge separator

    It adopts platform structure, with out shell welded with bottom plate. Shell cover is fixed to shell body with flange. Hydraulic pressure is applied to open the cover. Shell cover is equipped with feeding pipe, washing pipe sight glass, viewing-light, scarper device and man hole etc.. Standard flanges are applied for the external pipe joints.

  • PS Series Liquid filter centrifuge separator

    Reasonable structure design, simple geometric shapes which can eliminate the health corners effectively, structural parts smooth transition, the surface polished. External components, fasteners and the parts contacting material are made of stainless steel, The shell is clamshell type, which can thoroughly clean the interlayer between shell and bowl.

  • SS Series dewatering filter centrifuge

    Simple in structure and easy in operation and maintenance. It is wide use in application. It is suitable for filtering particle suspension and for dehydration of fabric material and textile after printing and dyeing. And the material contact parts are made of stainless steel base and other parts of its body made of cast iron paint.