GQ series liquid clarifying tubular centrifuge

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Structures and properties:

The separator consists of machine body, driving part, bowl, liquid collecting pan and liquid-in bearing seat etc.

The material is sprayed onto the bowl from the inlet on the bottom and strong centrifuge force is formed when the bowl rotates with the material and that makes the material flow upper along the wall of the bowl and then separated because of the different gravity by the centrifuge force.

GQ-for clarification: Heavy solid is deposited on the inner wall of the bowl,and forms the sludge. And it will be discharged by manual after the machine stops. The clear liquid flows out of outlet from the top of the bowl.

The motor connect with the big pulley and delivery the power to the spindle through the belt, tensioner and small pulley and rotate with the bowl in high-speed as the clockwise.

Main Features:

Strong in separation, simple in structure, convenient in operation and maintenance, low in consuming power, small in ground, high in speed ,strong in separation factor, small in noise, adaptive in material with high or low temperature.

Product application:

GQ-clarification: It is mainly used for separating all kinds of suspension difficult to be separated, especially suitable for separation of solid-liquid suspension with light concentration, heavy viscosity, fine particles and very small differential gravity of the two phases.

For example clarifying all kinds of medicine fluid, glucose chlorhexidine, malic acid, oral solution, radix soghorae tonkinensis,coal tar and graphite; extracting protein,algae, saponin, pectin, sirup; blood separation, settling vaccine mycelia and all kinds of glucose; refining paint, resin, and latex solution.

Working principle:




Product technical parameter: