Disc Centrifuge Separator

The machine is widely used in degumming, desoponificating, washing, glycerine separating and other techniques in biodiesel.

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The disc separator is specially used for the two-phase and three- phase separation. The two-phase separation is to separate the suspended solid from liquid or two liquids which have the different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three-phase separation is to separate the two immiscible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same time.

Working Principle

The materials are transmitted to the heart parts of this machine, the inside of the drum. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the materials (mixed liquid) pass through the intervals of a group of disk pieces bundles, and then through the neutral hole of the disk pieces as the interface, the liquid with higher density (heavy phase) moves outward the neutral hole along the disk pieces, among which, the heavy residues accumulate in the sediment area, and the heavy phase flows to the large centripetal pump. The liquid with lower density (light phase) moves inward and upward along the disk pieces wall and gathers in the small centripetal pump. The heavy phase and light phase output by the large centripetal pump and small centripetal pump respectively.

Technical parameters