Milk,Dairy,Beverage Disc Separator

The machine is widely used in degumming, desoponificating, washing, glycerine separating and other techniques in biodiesel.

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Dairy clarifying ,separation of milk and cream, syrup(orange juice, apple juice etc.), vegetable juice, tea drinks, coffee, beer and other industries.

With the gradual increasing in people’s living and the dairy and beverage consumer market, the people’s consumption attitudes also increase strongly from “drink milk” to “drink good milk”. So the advanced equipments are very important in the production process. This centrifugal separator has the special design for the centripetal pump and inlet/outlet port, it will create a soft separation environment for the material to ensure the active ingredient in the material is not destroyed, and keep the nutritional value and freshness as well as original flavor.This separator can separate the extreme tiny solid particles which dispersed in suspensions from the liquid phase out.
Technical parameters