2000LPH Triple forced forced circulation crystalizer evaporator

2000LPH Triple forced forced circulation crystalizer evaporator

Forced circulation evaporator is suitable for the fouling resistance, crystallization, thermal sensitive (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and insoluble solids

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Brief introduction:

Forced circulation evaporator consists of heat chamber and evaporation chamber, with a circulation pump liquid circulate in the tube nest, circulation speed can reach 1.5-3.5 meters/seconds, heat transfer efficiency and production capacity is larger, when heated to overheat under higher than normal liquid boiling point, steam and liquid mixture enter into the evaporation chamber, then separate, steam discharge from the upper, liquid is blocked down, through the bottom of the cone, liquid is sucked by the circulating pump, and then enter the heating tube, continue to cycle,  secondary steam from evaporation enter into the next effect evaporator heating or into the condenser for cooling.

Forced circulation evaporator is a high efficiency and energy saving enrichment crystallization equipment, the equipment is under the condition of vacuum low temperature operation, fast speed of material liquid fast evaporation, not easily scale features, very suitable for the crystallization evaporation of the salt solution, forced circulation evaporator can be divided into single effect, double, triple effect, and multiple effect forced circulation evaporator.


1. The whole set system has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency, energy saving and low steam consumption.
2. high coefficient of heat transfer, fast circulation speed, short evaporation time.
3. salting-out resistance, fouling resistance,  strong adaptability, easy to clean.
4. high concentration ratio, large capacity, make the viscous material liquid easy to flow and evaporate.
5. The materials and liquids are separated after coming into the separator. The effect of separating is greatly improved, and it is flexible to operate.
6. equipment structure is compact, cover small area, the layout is simple and fluent.
7. continuous feeding and discharging, the liquid level and density of the material liquid can be realized automatic control.

Product technical parameter: