PLG Series continual plate dryer

It is used in medical intermediates, pesticide, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed etc. industry, such as powder granular material’s drying and cooling. Drying- heat decomposition- combustion- cooling- reaction- sublimation

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It is used in medical intermediates, pesticide, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed etc. industry, such as powder granular material’s drying and cooling.Drying- heat decomposition- combustion- cooling- reaction- sublimation


PLG series continual plate dryer descriptions plate dryer is a kind of high effect conducting and continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle determine that it has advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, small occupying area, simple configuration, easy operating and control as well as friendly operating environment etc. It can be widely used in drying process in fields of chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foodstuff, fodder, process of agricultural and sideline products etc, and is well received by various sectors in their practical usage. Now there are three big categories, named normal pressure, closed and vacuum styles; four sizes of 1200, 1500, 2200and 3000 and three kinds of materials, namely A (carbon steel), B(stainless steel used for those all parts where materials are contacted) and C (on the basis of B to add stainless steel materials for vaper pipes, man shaft and support, and stainless steel linings for cylinder body and top cover). With a drying area being from 4 to 180 square meters, now we have hundreds of models of series products and various kinds of auxiliary devices available to meet requirement of drying materials for customers.



Wet materials are fed continuously to the first drying layer on the top of the dryer. They will be turned and stirred by rakes when the rake arm rotates and flow through the surface of the drying plate along the exponential helical line. On the small drying plate they will be moved to its outer edge and drop down to the outer edge of the large drying plate underneath, and will be moved inward and drop down from its central hole to the small drying plate on the next layer. Both small and large drying plates are arranged alternately so as materials can go through the whole dryer continuously. The heating media, which could be in forms of saturated steam, hot water or heat conducting oil will be led into hollow drying plates from one end to the other end of the dryer, The dried materials will drop from the last layer of the drying plate to the bottom layer of the shell body and will be moved by rakes to the discharge port. The moisture escapes from materials and will be removed from the moist discharge port on the top cover, or sucked out by the vacuum pump on the top cover for vacuum type plate dryer. The dried materials discharged from the bottom layer can be packed directly. The drying capability can be raised up if equipped with supplementary devices such as finned heater, condenser for solvent retrieval, bag dust remover, return and mix mechanism for dried materials and drawing fan etc. Solvent in those dried paste and heat sensitive materials can be easily recovered, and thermal decomposition and reaction can be also carried out.

Machine Features:

(1)   Easy regulation and control, strong adaptability
Regulate thickness of materials, speed of main shaft, number of rake arm, style of and sizes of rakes to make drying process be optimal. Each layer can be led thermal or cold media individually t heat or cold materials and make temperature control accurately and easily. Dwelling time of materials can be accurately adjusted.

(2)   Easy and simple operation
Start and stop of dryer is quite simple.
After materials are stopped feeding and conveying, they can be easily exhausted out of the dryer by rakes.
Careful cleaning and observation can be carried inside the equipment through large-scale viewing window.

(3)   Low energy consumption
Thinner layer of materials, low speed of main shaft, small power and energy needed for conveying system of materials.
Dry by conducting heat so it has high heating efficiency and low energy consumption.

(4)   Friendly environment, solvent can be retrieved and dust powder discharge can meet requirement.
Normal pressure style: as low speed of air flow inside the equipment and moisture being high in upper part and low part, dust powder couldn‘t float to the top of the equipment, so there is almost no dust powder in tail gas discharged from the moist discharge port on the top.
Closed style: equipped with solvent retrieval device that can retrieve organic solvent easily from moist-carrier gas. The solvent retrieval device has simple structure and high retrieval rate, and nitrogen can be use das moist-carrier gas in closed circulation for those subject to burning, explosion and oxidation, and poisonous materials in order for safe operation, Especially suitable for drying of flammable, explosive and poisonous materials.
Vacuum style: if the plate dryer is operating under vacuum state, it is particularly suitable for drying of heat sensitive materials.

(5)   Easy installation and small occupying area
As the dryer is in a whole to leave the factory and to be transported, it is quite easy to install and fix in the location only by hoisting.
As drying plates being arranged by layers and installed vertically, it takes a small occupying area though drying area is larger.


Product technical parameter: